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Combining style and cutting-edge technology, BDI's modern home furniture are ideal in creating a functional work or home office space, engineered to focus on ergonomic designs.

Office Furniture

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Everyone needs a workspace that is comfortable and inviting, and if it can be beautifully designed and neatly organized that’s even better. Designed with an emphasis on ergonomics and organization, BDI’s furniture is engineered to integrate today’s technology while offering the ultimate in style, function and flexibility. Smooth surfaces, height-adjustable, and an ergonomic design are just a few of the features BDI products offer. Whether you are creating a small home office or a complete corporate environment, there’s a BDI solution for any application.

With each BDI collection comes a set of aesthetics and features that are all different from one another. The Centro Collection is comprised of sleek lines and a minimalist aesthetic. Its bright white color pops out in an office environment, creating a fresh vibe. The Format Collection, similar to the clean look of the Centro, is distinguished by its natural walnut accents. The Corridor Collection features bold products with an emphasis on beautiful, chocolate stained walnut and a smooth black glass top. The Sequel Collection sets itself apart from their well-known lift desks which are ideal for the consumer looking for comfortable and various ways to work. Last but not least, the Semblance Collection carries wide bookshelves that are ideal for storing your office products such as documents and printers.

Aside from its collections, BDI also offers stand-alone products such as the compact Bink Accent Tables available in numerous pops of color. BDI has something to offer for any office environment, from cozy to corporate.