Ahead of the Curve

Whether it's a curved footprint, flowing design elements, or gentle waves of color, using curved furniture and accessories throughout your space can add movement and grace to any 4 walls. Curved modern sectionals free up the corners of a room to make it feel larger and more open while the arc of modern chair backs can provide support and softness for the harder edges of modern design. Bring in wave-like patterns with art and fabrics to give a sense of life to otherwise static surfaces. Choose to center your room around a round or oval cocktail table, and you'll be rewarded with a softer finish to any formal or casual living space. And don't forget the bedroom, where a gently curved headboard can offer a comfortable and stylish way to enjoy your sanctuary at the end of the day. So no matter how you choose to incorporate curves into your modern design, Cantoni can help with selections for every room in your home.