Zara Ismailova

Design Consultant

Days off: Tuesday & Wednesday

Zara has always known that her passion for interior design would never stop growing. She has nearly a decade of design experience working with clients from all around the globe. Having worked internationally many of those years, Zara considers her language and cultural skills some of her greatest assets when connecting with her clients.

“My philosophy is to get to know my client on different levels,” said Zara. “For example, their cultural background, and other unique characteristics, are really helpful to create the interiors of their dream space that will reflect and resonate with their inner world and imagination.”

Originally from Russia, Zara loves to travel to learn about different cultures and classical architecture – anything that can tell a lifetime’s worth of stories. In her spare time, you may find her at art galleries and museums where she tends to find inspiration for her work.

“I feel I have the opportunity to implement any ideas that I may have. We really do have a wonderful team of professionals.”

Get to know Zara:

What three words best describe your design style?

Neoclassic, Eclectic, and Contemporary.

What design era do you find most suits you?

The 18th Century.

What most excites you about a new project?

The final result and a happy-faced client.

Is there an inspirational quote you live by?

An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest. – Benjamin Franklin.

What is your No. 1 color?

Blue, Navy.

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