Frozen Glitter II

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About D'Alessandro Leon

Raised in Los Angeles, California, D’Alessandro was the youngest of three brothers. When art competitions was a form of play for the brothers, it later grew to his obsession.

D’Alessandro attended the Art Institute of California where he explored mixing mediums as well as digital. He also attended Illustration, Sculpting, and Fine Art workshops in Fullerton, CA. After spending long periods of time studying different techniques, D’Alessandro's art became increasingly influenced by artist from the early 1900s. During D’Alessandro’s studies he painted many different themes. He painted with restless intensity, often painting from morning until night.

D’Alessandro was able to indulge his earliest artistic preferences for people, nature, architecture, and landscapes in his illustration and personal pieces. He also painted family, friends, and gardens. He has done commissioned work for a variety of clients in music, publishing and editorial. His work has been exhibited in numerous private and public collections.


Giclee on Linen by D'Alessandro Leon

This oversized item requires custom crating which includes an additional cost that will be applied at check-out.


  • Giclee on Linen
  • Silver Floater Frame
  • Artist: D'Alessandro Leon
  • Made in USA

Hanging Instructions:

A wire should not be used to hang this product.

Use 2 of the metal D shaped rings attached to the back of this product.  It is highly recommended to secure this product using two 50 pound heavy duty picture hooks (one for each D ring), mounted directly into the wall stud.


41.5" W x 55.5" H


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