Must Have Dining Table

by Malerba

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Founded in Italy in 1948 as an artisan furniture factory, Malerba has forged a reputation as a leading contemporary furniture manufacturer, exclusively sold in the US by Cantoni.

The Must Have collection is Malerba's symbol of modern elegance, with pure and embracing lines that are enriched by black chrome details and precious marble tops.


What sets the Must Have Dining Table apart from others of similar size and shape is its invisible grey marble “barrel” shaped top. Its one-of-a-kind construction and natural, more tactile tabletop allows for each and every dining table to be unique, a fact that is further enhanced by its striking base. Its two legs, crafted of black matte veneer and black chromed metal, showcase a sturdy design that lends an air of durability that is hard to miss. And with its expansive size, Must Have easily seats up to ten people, making it the perfect option for intimate breakfasts or large dinner parties. 

Made in Italy


  • Invisible Grey Marble Barrel Shaped Top
    • "Spazzalato" Finish -  Strong Tactile Texture For A More Natural Appearance
  • Base of Black Vintage Matte Veneer & Black Chromed Metal
  • Seats 8 to 10 
  • Due to Natural Material, Each Top is Unique and May Vary
  • Other Top Finish "Levigato" For Smooth And Even Surface Is Available As Special Order
  • Made in Italy



  • Invisible Grey marble is one of the most beautiful stone options available. 
  • Its striking pattern is reminiscent of a marble mosaic, but with a hint of translucency that makes the look even more stunning.
  • The material vein of Invisible Grey marble is the result of the natural formation of minerals and other substances over millions of years. 
    • The vein creates a unique pattern and texture that that is distinct to each piece.  Each piece is one-of-a-kind. 
    • Calcium carbonate , magnesium carbonate, and dolomite are combined with other minerals and that causes the strong “grey” color.
  • Aside from its unique beauty, Invisible Grey marble is very strong and durable. 
  • It’s also resistant to staining and discoloration as well as being versatile:
    • It can be polished and finished to a high shine or left with a more textured, natural finish.  Either result is a unique and sophisticated look.

VINTAGE FINISH Cleaning Instructions:

  • Use a cotton cloth, lightly wetted with ONLY water
  • Do NOT use liquid with alcohol or ammonia components

Natural Stone

  • Subject to staining and scratching; wipe up spills quickly
  • Tablecloths, placemats and coasters recommended
  • Avoid exposure to heat and direct sunlight


110.25" W x 44.5" D x 29.5" H


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