Natural Outdoor Pillow

by Talenti

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Transform your outdoor space with the Coral Outdoor Pillow, which features a clean design and durable fabrics. Add to any outdoor seating area that is in need of added depth and extra comfort, so that your outdoor living space becomes all the more relaxing.


Give your outdoor space a makeover with the subtle yet stylish detailing of the Natural Outdoor Pillow. A clean design and durable fabric makes this outdoor pillow the perfect piece to add to any outdoor living space that's in need of added depth and extra comfort.


Color: Beige

  • 20" x 14" Throw Pillow
  • Fabric
    • 100% Polypropylene; Water Repellent Fabric


Fabric Information: Polypropylene is a material suitable for outdoor furniture because it is easy to clean, treat and wash. It has high flexural strength characteristics: it resists breakage, light, abrasion, does not deform permanently and has an excellent elastic shape recovery. It is water repellent, therefore perfect if installed near swimming pool areas or if exposed to adverse weather conditions.

Maintenance: To keep the product in good condition for a long time, we recommend a regular cleaning period, particularly frequent in places characterized by high humidity and marine climate. We recommend cleaning the surfaces with a soft cloth using water or neutral detergents. Prolonged and uninterrupted exposures to intense UV radiation or at very low temperatures can affect the initial characteristics of the colored polyester coating. We recommend cleaning and storing products in sheltered areas during long periods of non-use and winter.


20" x 14"


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