The organic shape of this modern outdoor lounger creates sculpural visual appeal while providing incredibly durable and comfortable seating for patio or poolside.

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The Sakura Collection distinguishes itself as a class above the rest with its fluid lines and shapes that represent the most modern designs in lounge furniture on the market. The chairs come in four fixed relaxation positions, and can be put together to form straight-lined or curved lounge suites. Each of the four designs, from the fully upright, to the fully reclined, is covered with high tech, supple Hydropass® material, offering comfort, performance, beauty, and durability.

Details & Dimensions

  • White Lacquered Aluminum Frame
  • White "Mattress" Removable Cover


  • Hydropass® System - The comfortable mattress wrapped around the aluminium structure is a technological is a very supple and totally resilient material. It comprises a 3-dimensional network of polyester fibres providing a thickness of 30 mm; a honeycomb mesh is added to this network. On the Sakura collection, this mattress may be removed. After a rain shower, this mattress Hydropass® is dry in 15 minutes: the water passes through the network immediately, without retention, without stagnation, without a risk of mould forming. For outdoor use, Hydropass® dispenses with the need to protect the cushions from the weather; you can sit on them at the pool side dripping-wet without sitting in the wetness. It can be cleaned with a water jet set to medium pressure Sifas® Hydropass® is guaranteed.
  • Lacquered Aluminium - Stainless chromed aluminium structures, lacquered and baked at (392°F). The epoxy powder coating is uniformly applied (80 micron-layer) by means of an electrostatic spray. In this process, the micro-balls of powder are attracted to the entire surface of the metal, and become perfectly fixed to the aluminium. While in the oven, they melt and harden from the heat, forming an even, and ultra-resistance layer of lacquer. The lacquered finish is either smooth and shiny or structured-granite look. They are weather-resistant guaranteed. The process is tested during production to verify the adhesion of the lacquer on the metal using the cross-cut test, which is a method used in the car industry.
  • Textile is opaque to light, water proof treated, removable and washable in washing machine at 86°F.


30.1" W x 61" D x 31.5" H


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