An Urban Oasis


Designed By: Dallas Design Team Photos By: Michael Hunter

Frank and Kathy Zerangue found the ideal spot for their dream home in a secluded Dallas neighborhood tucked in the trees, with views of a quaint trail leading to White Rock Lake. When they built it in 2013, it was exactly what they wanted — modern, with beautiful architecture and an unusual design. Tall, grid-like ceilings, views of the surrounding greenery—they were elated.

When they moved in, they brought the furniture they’d collected over the years with them — but never felt the combination worked well with their new space. In 2015, they decided it was time for a refresh. “We’d known about Cantoni for years, and they are highly regarded,” Frank says. “We immediately hit it off with the design team.”

A fun-loving couple, they hoped for a dynamic, playful space with furnishings that played on the organic vibe and bright light. They also wanted a cohesive design with pops of color, clean lines, and understated simplicity. But most importantly, they wanted their home to feel complete. “We like the sparse look — we don’t like a lot of stuff -- but we both love the colorful aspect of things,” Frank says. “In the evening, we have spectacular colors in the living and dining room. The evenings are our favorite time of day—that’s when it feels special to us. We wanted to play off that.”

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Working with the Cantoni team, they established a vibrant color palette of blues and yellows. From there, they worked off of a select few furnishings and artworks they couldn’t part with, including their dining room table. Color was immediate with grey Venetian plaster accent living room walls, with hints of blue that carry through the background of the kitchen and foyer space. Our team punched up the room further with the Biella sofa in grey leather, a set of unique armchairs, a trio of Rio accent tables, the Promenade area rug, a Bolero P2 floor lamp and the matte white Seneca entertainment console.

They worked the dining room set seamlessly into the mix with art from our portfolio including Urban Umbrellas I and Urban Umbrellas II prints on canvas by famed American artist Thom Filicia. Accessories were kept smart and minimal but impactful with the Echo vessel, a Geo sculpture, a Droplet vessel, Polyhedron vases and the Motion sculpture. In the master bedroom, the Measured Growth painting mirrors the blue hue found in the Mondrian dresser and Mondrian nightstands.

Frank and Kathy also needed a fresh spin on the kitchen, which was built with the existing white-gloss cabinetry. For a seamless transition from the dining to kitchen space, they aimed to replace the cabinetry on their existing islands to complement the new interior design. Cantoni worked closely with Frank to design the duo of islands and integrate them with new waterfall countertops flanked by black walnut steps to make an easier transition to the dining space. “It was tricky, but we found a solution that would also incorporate the storage they needed,” the design team says.

The Zerangues settled on Frosty Carina Caesarstone quartz countertops paired with grey stained wood. “The colors they selected were the perfect choice,” the design team says. “The kitchen is now warm, and stays within a contemporary feel for the house without being stark. It’s clean, livable and cozy.”

The end result was also what Frank and Kathy had envisioned. “Working with the Dallas Design team was a delight,” Frank says. “They were so helpful and smart when it came to the technical aspects and features.”

What’s more, Frank says, the kitchen combination paired with bold punches and patterns throughout the home equates to a fun, urban space reflective of their personalities. “It has a bright, cheery, airy feeling,” Frank says. “The people at Cantoni were such a pleasure for us to work with. The process was even better than I expected.”

Working with Cantoni on our kitchen remodel was a delight. Our design team were so helpful and smart when it came to the technical aspects and features.

— Frank Zerangue, Dallas

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