From an impeccably built mid-century sofa in bison white leather to an American walnut chair with caramel leather details or a tufted bench in Belgian fabric, American Leather furnishings are akin to custom-tailored suits. Crafted with meticulous detailing, each piece begins with durable frames made with precision cutting, a notched interlocking system, and double-secured joints for unparalleled strength. High-density, multi-dimensional foam, a blend of down, is tucked under upholstery, which is applied using centuries-old European methods. Each step of the handcrafting process is completed from the company's Dallas, Texas, workshop. Buy American Leather furniture, American Leather Dallas, Buy American Leather furniture online, American Leather furniture Houston, buy American Leather in Dallas, American Leather at Cantoni, American Leather furniture at Cantoni. American Leather furniture Austin, American Leather Austin, American Leather USA, American Leather Furniture USA, American Leather America, American Leather Furniture America, American Leather Furniture New York, American Leather Irvine, American Leather Los Angeles, American Leather Philadelphia,


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