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IMPATIA is a luxury design company based in Milan, specialized in producing bespoke, luxury gaming tables, completely artisan made in Italy. Whether it’s the design, the craftsmanship, or the materials used, IMPATIA always draws upon the highest quality of Italian traditions and innovations to create something that is harmonized between classic and modern. IMPATIA collaborates with talented artisans from across Italy to bring clients a product that is a one-of-a-kind classic that you can be sure you won’t find anywhere else. Available for purchase through Cantoni retail stores and trade showrooms.

Lapalma Italian Furniture Lapalma Lem Bar Stool Lapalma Italian Furniture
Lapalma Italian Furniture Lapalma Italian Furniture

  • WHITE LEATHER - Lem Bar Stool Front Angled View
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    Lem Bar Stool