Modern Outdoor Furniture

Take your modern style outside with Cantoni’s contemporary outdoor, patio and garden furniture. With outdoor furniture, seating, tables and accessories now available in exciting contemporary shapes and materials, your outdoor spaces can match the style and comfort of your home’s interior. New woven, teak, stainless steel, concrete, and glass all combine to add unexpected design, texture, and comfort to Cantoni’s Outdoor Collection.

Cantoni has an incredible selection of unique outdoor furniture to help transform your patio or deck into a tranquil, relaxing spot away from everyday stresses. With items such as chaise lounges, dining sets, and even sectional sofas, Cantoni is making the outdoors more modern. These pieces are so beautifully modern they could be mistaken for indoor furniture! Host guests, plan dinner parties under the stars, or lounge in a comfy seat in the sun in our gorgeous contemporary outdoor furniture. Take your wonderful taste to the open air with Cantoni’s amazing Outdoor Collection.

Cantoni is also taking good-looking outdoor furniture and making it functional and long lasting. Attractive, beautiful pieces are well suited for the outdoors with specialized fabrics and materials to help keep them from fading and rusting in any weather, rain or bright sunshine. Choose from a huge selection of fabrics and finishes. Whether you want bright and tropical or muted and serene, we have the perfect, customizable outdoor group for you. You will be truly embracing the great outdoors with pieces such as sofas, giant swiveling chaises, or even swinging seats; just take your pick!