Parabolica Swivel Chair/Chaise - Camel

by Leolux

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The powerful shape of the Parabolica Swivel Chair is a fantastic piece for any room in your home. With its asymmetric shape, Parabolica offers the user three different comfortable positions: reclined and relaxed, sitting "normally" or working with the armrest as a worktop. The ability to personalize your comfort with this piece is its highlighting detail.


Powerful with an asymmetrical curve, the Parabolica Swivel Chair provides the user with multiple different experiences - sitting normally, laying back while relaxing, or sitting upright with the armrest as a worktop.

  • Dimensions: 37" W x 59" D x 32" H
  • Color: Carmel - Material: Leather


  • Camel Senso Leather
  • Patina Diamond Epoxy Swivel Base With Felt Pads
  • โ€œDouble-Stitchโ€œ Embroidery on Seams
  • Metal and Wood Frame
  • Recliner or Use the Armrest as a Worktop
  • Other colors available by Special Order through our Stores
  • Designed by Stefan Heiliger
  • Made in The Netherlands


Senso Leather: The special character of Senso leather is due to its thickness. The unusual structure on the surface of this heavy leather is caused by a shrinking effect during the drying process. 1.4 - 1.7mm thick, it has an incredibly smooth grain.


37" W x 59" D x 32" H


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