A Kitchen That Takes Modern Elegance to New Heights


Designed By: Dan Brunn Architecture in Partnership with Cantoni Photos By: Brandon Shigeta

Located in the heart of the historic residential Hancock Park neighborhood in Los Angeles, the Bridge House is a sprawling 4,500-square-foot home that straddles a natural stream in an architectural maneuver that gives the house its name. Designed by Dan Brunn Principal of Dan Brunn Architecture, the one-of-a-kind Bridge House puts an innovative twist on Brunn’s signature minimalistic aesthetic by utilizing spatial choreography to harmonize light with volume.

To highlight the home’s surrounding landscape, Brunn incorporated plenty of neutral tones and wood materials within the home’s interiors—starting with the kitchen. He tapped Cantoni to provide and install custom cabinetry handcrafted in Italy by Aster Cucine. Renowned for their quality craftsmanship and innovative technology, Aster Cucine brings a new approach to the meaning of kitchen workspaces with their full overlay cabinetry that offers a clean and defined look.

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Brunn opted for natural matte oak and dark grey matte lacquer cabinetry from Aster Cucine’s Contempora Collection. “I was inspired by nature and though we typically do solid color kitchen cabinets, I wanted to introduce something with more tonality and texture,” Brunn explains. “We chose the open-pore oak, which gives it a real earthy feel, yet at the same time, the clean lines add sophistication.”

Along with the custom cabinetry, integration was crucial in the design of the kitchen. Appliances such as the refrigerator, freezer and dishwasher, for instance, were concealed behind the full overlay cabinets for a more streamlined look. To keep drawers organized and kitchen essentials easily accessible, they integrated custom kitchen drawer organizers in a variety of materials, namely wood to complement the cabinetry.

From concept to completion, Cantoni worked closely with Brunn and his team to ensure both a seamless and enjoyable process. “I love Cantoni because they offer the services and products I’m after,” Brunn says. They have local representation and incredible staff that followed through with the entire project.”

Cantoni, whose kitchen expertise ranges from residential to commercial projects, believes a kitchen is more than just a set of cabinets and doors, and the fully functional kitchen at the Bridge House is no exception. It provides a chef-worthy space that radiates modern elegance with a domesticated feel.

For more information about Dan Brunn Architecture, visit www.danbrunn.com.


I love Cantoni because they offer the service and products that Iā€™m after. Plus, they have local representation and incredible staff that followed through with the entire project.

ā€” Dan Brunn, Dan Brunn Architecture

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