A Boldly Colorful Home


Designed By: Houston Design Team Photos By: Michael Hunter

Often times when designing a home many people opt for a traditional, neutral colored space. Not Mark and Kim Menzie. This couple, along with their two children, moved into the upscale Woodlands neighborhood in Houston looking to go against the grain.

While other homes in the development boasted a Tuscan feel, the Menzies built a 5,000-square-foot white stucco classic contemporary house with a straight lines and a flat roof that really stood out. And when it came to designing the interior they enlisted the help of the Cantoni design team to complete their outside-the-box vision using lots of color and key pieces of furniture. “I had certain pieces of art and furniture in mind, but needed someone to help with the bigger vision,” says Kim.

Kim had done an incredible amount of research by the time she came into Cantoni. She had a distinct vision: bold colors and streamlined furnishings. Their goal was to keep the house open and airy, with pops of color in every room. “Modern houses can often feel like a museum and I didn’t want that,” says Kim. “Color just brightens my mood, so I wanted lots of it throughout my home.”

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The design team made the house cohesive by pulling the fabrics for the living room sectional, coordinating the rest of the artwork, customizing the fanciful dining room table, and picking the final paint colors. “Often times when you use colors you have to be careful that it remains tasteful," Kim notes. “The colors are very playful, but have a level of sophistication as well."

You immediately get that playful feel from the moment you walk into the entryway. Along with a turquoise wall, the team selected an imaginative coat rack, which doubles as a floor lamp, to be the first piece you see when you walk into the house. As you move through the home you enter the dining room where the Big table with customized multi-colored legs greets you with colored glass sculptures that add a fun finishing touch.

Of course the living room had plenty of color as well with blues and greens dotting the space, but more muted furniture was used to balance it all out. The design team did a curving sectional in a more mellow micro suede to incorporate an inviting neutral hue and soft texture into the space.

The master bedroom may have the most color of all. “The bedroom is the place I really concentrated on because it’s where we relax as a family,” reveals Kim. “I wanted a place that would be calming, which is why we chose blue. We kept that theme in the bedroom and carried it through the house.”

Kim and the Houston design team worked to bring the views of the pool and lake inside by using more of that turquoise color scheme. To connect the room with those water features they incorporated turquoise into other areas of the home, adding ethereal art and bedding that reflected the movement of water. The color softens the starkness of the white leather bed and warms the room. Luxurious textures of the fabric they chose for the chaise, pillow, and even the rug created the perfect retreat for Kim and her family.

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I had certain pieces of art and furniture in mind, but needed help with the bigger vision. Working with Cantoni’s design team was amazing.

β€” Kim Menzie, Houston

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