Modern Art

When it comes to art, Cantoni has the selection for every modern lover out there. Photographic prints, sculptures, small decorative pieces? We’ve got it all! No matter the space that you’re decorating, your style, or your home’s color palette, we make it easy to find something to perfectly fit into your home. At Cantoni, we know that art is subjective, so that’s why we scour the globe for a variety of pieces from renowned and emerging artists alike so that no matter what you pick, you’re left feeling inspired. Rest assured that each piece we carry is elegant and sophisticated and will be loved by all who enter your home. Whether you’re looking to fill an empty space, finish off a room with a cohesive look, or style a piece that will stand out, our selection of modern artwork is the best way for you to show off your unique personality and style.

  • SILVER -Integrity 2 Sculpture Front Angled View
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  • RED

  • Poppy