A Calming City Escape


Designed By: Kohl Sudnikovich Photos By: Amber Fouts

It simply made sense for Rod and Jessica Woodson to settle in a W Downtown Residencethey found themselves drawn to W hotels for their “contemporary and chic” décor during their frequent travels. But the floor-to-ceiling glass windows, workable floorplan and the amenities were the final lures when they first stumbled upon their high-rise in Atlanta’s bustling downtown.

Both busy with their full-time jobs, they longed for an easy-to-maintain, clean, bright and dynamic space. “Both Rod and I are into light, neutral tones,” Jessica says. “Because our careers are so intense at times, it helps for our home to be a relaxed, neutral environment.”

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The two turned to a designer they had trusted for previous renovations: Cantoni design consultant Kohl Sudnikovich. “Kohl has a great personality and knows how to pull pieces together to create a masterpiece,” Jessica says.

It took little persuading for Kohl to agree to create a creamy, dreamy interior for the Woodsons: he couldn’t wait to work with the duo again. “I call them the power couple, ” Kohl says. “They are both beautiful, down-to-earth and humble.”

Kohl’s first prerogative was to make the floorplan more functional to bring focus to those tall windows and surrounding buildings. In tandem with the Woodsons and their architect, he redesigned the three-bedroom, 3.5 bath floorplan to fit a two-bedroom, 2.5 bath space with a large living area and a master suite with a home office. The result is a large and open plan space perfect for entertaining. “All three sides of the unit are visible from the center of the dining area, which allows for a great amount of natural light,” Jessica says.

Kohl then played off of the abundance of light with furnishings. “We used a lot of mirrored and glossy finishes that would capture the views and perspectives of the rooms and the skyline’s glass-angled buildings,” he says. His work included suspending four mirrors to conceal a wet bar and capitalize on the vistas.

Kohl also brought in custom-designed and thoughtfully selected pieces. He hung the Urchin pendant chandeliers over a custom glass-topped table in the dining room and chose the Laguna sectional for the living area. Marble and acrylic Leonard table lamps flank the Solitaire bed in the master suite. He matched the bed’s soft cream Italian leather to the nightstand drawer fronts and added jeweled pulls.

The Woodsons also wanted art to “reflect the city lights and reds and blues from downtown, but they didn’t want a lot of color—they wanted the windows to be the true art,” Kohl says.  The one burst of color: hand-blown glass Doug Frates pieces hung in the entry.

The palette is otherwise calm and collected—or exactly what you might want in the ultimate city escape.

Kohl has a great personality and knows how to pull pieces together to create a masterpiece.

— Jessica Woodson, Atlanta

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